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Checkout bag reduction

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Checkout Bag Reduction

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Q: What is the purpose of this ordinance?

A: To promote the beautification of the City through prevention of litter generated from discarded checkout bags. Let’s Keep Laredo Beautiful!


Q: Do we really have that many plastic bags in this city?

A: In a recent survey, the City of Laredo consumes an average of 120 million plastic bags per year.


Q. How is this a problem for our city?

A. Plastic bag litter creates a problem for the city’s creeks and storm drains and the Rio Grande, the city’s ONLY source of drinking water.


Q: Exactly which type of bags can we use now?

A. Reusable bags– meaning a bag with handles that is specifically designed and manufactured for multiple reuse and is either (1)made of cloth or other washable fabric, and/or (2) made of durable plastic that is at least 4 Mils thick (3) a paper bag that contains no old growth fiber and a minimum of forty percent post-customer recycled material.


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